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LoneAlert Protection

Pro K9 Ltd knows how important it is to ensure that our staff are safe, we are glad to be using the LoneAlet app, which enables use to fully maintain the safety of our handlers. The new app also doubles up as a clocking point to enable that the handlers are at the right place at the right time, which can be monitored in real time which can also be forward to the client in the morning in a PDF report.

Product Overview:

The LoneALERT Smartphone app offers increased levels of LoneALERT protection on your smartphone.
It also allows supervisors a hand- held window into the Management Suite to make responding to lone working incidents extremely simple.

Installation is easy, users simply download it to their phone
in minutes over the air.

Opening the app reveals a simple
to use interface. With three taps
of the screen you can create or update a LoneALERT timer. Location information is provided through

the smartphones built in GPS/LBS location technology, along with full address details. These can be sent or amended to provide accurate location information, down to flat and floor number if working in a high rise location, for example.

To speed up operation, an information screen allows default settings to be set by the user.

A separate panic button app is provided to easily raise an

immediate alert, accompanied by location information.

For supervisors and alarm respondents using smartphones, the app also has a supervisor screen. Incoming incidents are notified to supervisors through their smartphone. From the LoneALERT App the incident can be actioned, the lone worker can be called directly and details of the incident can be entered. The supervisor can also view the location of the lone worker, and use the native mapping system to plot directions to the lone workers position.

The supervisor can leave detailed notes on the cause and response of incidents which
are stored on the LoneALERT Management Suite for audit, review and evidencing purposes.

Available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile, LoneALERT Smartphone is the easy to use lone working solution for smartphone users.

LoneALERT Management Suite included in price:
Supervisors are able to access, filter and export to Excel a comprehensive suite of usage reports, non-usage reports, itemised lone worker behaviour and other management and KPI information. A library of instruction and help guides is also available in the suite. 

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