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Mission Statement/CRS Statement

Improve the UK's K9 Security Services

If we could summarise the mission of Pro K9 Ltd and define its primary purpose, we'd have to say that we strive to make a significant contribution to the betterment of the existing K9 security services in the UK. Anyone hiring personal protection dogs should be guaranteed a high quality of customer service, consistent standard of K9 protection and reliability and responsive on the part of the dog handler. 

Maximise your profits

Our single aim is to improve K9 protection via the points outlined above and assist you in maximising your profits with our realistic pricing structure. There is a fine balance between affordability and quality when it comes to any type of security services and we maintain this careful balance as our trained guard dogs can reasonably perform the work of three security guards, which would be much more costly. Effective personal protection dogs will increase your revenue and reduce your costs, simultaneously.

Protect and serve the local community

The team at Pro K9 takes its role in protecting the public extremely seriously. In accordance with the Private Security Industry Act of 2001, we will only ever deploy licensed and qualiflied security K9 teams on our assignments. More than just safeguarding the well-being of our clients, we always strive to protect the public as a whole from any harm by securing all boundaries, monitoring all points of entry and egress and conducting regular spot checks whilst on site. Our security dog handlers are encouraged to liaise and co-operate with the police to ensure that petty crime, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and any serious organised crime are reported in a timely manner. 

We are committed to maintaining and upholding the environment that we work in. By giving something back, we directly support local businesses as well as the natural environment and show our appreciation of Cambridgeshire and surrounds.

Be the best we can be

Via ongoing training, upskilling and close communication between our staff and clients, we aim to provide the absolute best personal protection dogs in the UK. We're confident that you'll find our guard dogs to be incredibly well-trained, professional and vigilant, much as you'll find our dog handlers to be courteous, knowledgeable and highly motivated. From all-purpose security requirements to building sites to high-profile events, nothing is too big or too small for our dedicated K9 units.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Pro K9 Ltd believes that responsible ethical and professional business practice should be central to all our operations and business activities and we strive to ensure that our day-to-day activity positively impacts the communities and environments in which we work.

Our philosophy is one that considers the entire chain of custody within the customer service culture, and we embrace the opportunity to positively engage with all of our clients.

Cororate Social Responisbility Policy 

Our Mission is to continue to improve our standing as a leading supplier of security and customer service solutions by providing the highest service with as little impact as possible to the environment.

We recognise that responsible business practice and true professionalism can help to penetrate new markets and achieve total customer confidence. Pro K9 Ltd ethos is to operate to service excellence standards and the company is regularly audited in line with the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme.  Pro K9 Ltd has achieved ISO 9001 quality accreditation, and in many areas of our operations the inherent standards are well in excess of those set by the Codes of Practice.

 Pro K9 Ltd is committed to achieving the highest quality service delivery possible. 

 Pro K9 Ltd is committed to the adoption of environmentally responsible policies and practices, together with the regular review of both its on-going performance and also the inherent scope for further improvements.  The Company aims, through continuous staff awareness, to create and maintain the highest levels of environmental responsibility.


Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of our business and our systems are structured to provide the highest levels in terms of both quality and service.

 We operate to one of the uppermost levels in management reporting systems and we are able to provide our customers with any job related information instantly at the push of a button.

 We strive to provide our customers with the very best in terms of:

·      Quality

·      Management Commitment

·      Speed of response

·      Innovative approach

·      Price

·      The highest industry standards applied throughout our business operations

 We believe our drive for continual improvement will help us to achieve continual growth improving our market position as a leading supplier of security and customer service solutions.


Pro K9 Ltd actively research opportunities to engage with the local community in various training and accreditation schemes.

These initiatives encourage a behavioural approach that seeks to demonstrate empathy, tolerance and embody the philosophy of capable guardianship for all areas within their scope of responsibility. 

The selection and recruitment of our security teams remains an important factor in the Pro K9 Ltd approach to diversity in the workplace and our equal opportunity policy facilitates an employee selection process that seeks to reflect the diversity of the community in which they operate.

 Pro K9 Ltd endeavour to source local suppliers wherever commercially viable to ensure the maximum opportunity to reinvest back into the local community.

 360° Performance Evaluation

Pro K9 Ltd service delivery is continually evaluated and reviewed using a variety of methods:

·      Client evaluation of Pro K9 Ltd via ‘mystery shopper’ exercises, incorporating the opinions of members of the public as part of the process

·      Client Completion of Customer Service Reports

·      Pro K9 Ltd evaluate our own service by both internal and external exercises

·      Pro K9 Ltd engage with our suppliers using supply questionnaires to understand goals and objectives in relation to CSR

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